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Itís The Catsí Pajamas Featured on the A & E Special "CATS"


For those who want the very best, The Cats Pajamas offers your cat suites that mimic some of the best vacation spots in the world. How about a stay in our Mexico Suite for that sassy youngster?

Or for the Cool Cat that likes to cruise, a trip on our Feline Fun Ship? Our Cat Suites are very popular and do require a minimum stay/charge of at least three nights.

Once you see, we know you’ll agree, we’ve gone out of our way to place your cat in the lap of luxury!   The most pampered feline will feel right at home in one of our individually designed vacation suites.


Sunset Cat Room

Our feline guests are cared for by meticulous caretakers who closely monitor and fuss over each guest during their stay. Our cat rooms are heated and air-conditioned and for your pet’s health our exhaust and ventilation  system provides for twelve, 100% fresh air changes per hour.

Our guests are fed twice daily, IAMS kibble and Friskies canned foods. If you wish you may bring your cat’s diet from home.

Expandable, multi-level condos allow felines from the same family to live together. And we can provide personal exercise periods for your cat in one of our comfortable living room settings.

Mexico Suite Mexico Suite African Suite Royal Suite Typical Two Room Condo

In spacious, bright, sunlit rooms you'll find our custom designed, multi-level, expandable condos. Some have their own attached playrooms; all feature soft beds and window views.

Fresh air circulation combined with climate control provides a healthy, normal atmosphere. Also available are individual playrooms with window seats and stimulating activities to provide additional exercise for the playful feline. The Cat's Pajamas is our internationally acclaimed, home away from home for cats. Expandable, multi-level condos allow felines from the same family to stay together, or one kitty can just enjoy more space. You’ll fall in love with our spacious, sunlit, living rooms where your kitty’s custom designed, multi-level condo is located. All rooms feature soft beds and most offer window views. Your kitty will also enjoy soft music and/or kitty video entertainment. VIP playtime for extra attention is available. SEECommon Questions

Our Cattery is equipped with its own kitchen for keeping and preparing special diets, a quiet, separate grooming room, for felines only, and a holding area for those guest kept overnight who may not wish to be bathed immediately upon arrival.

Once you see, we know you'll agree, we've gone out of our way to place your cat in the lap of luxury!


Feline Fun:  Two playtimes, activity toy and treats $14

Massage:  5 to 10 minute massage, light brushing and petting $10

.........a must see for the conscientious cat owner!


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551 Union Street - Encinitas, CA 92024
Phone: 760-753-6754 - Toll Free: 800-374-6744 - Fax: 760-753-5034

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