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The Cat's Pajamas

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This is a 5 Start Cat Resort situated within Holiday Pet Hotel. Our top floor, cats only facility, encompasses our quiet and beautiful Sunrise Room and adjoining bright and sunny Sunset Room. We provide the ultimate in luxury, comfort and tranquility for the most finicky of felines!

From kittens to senior cats, you can customize your kitty's stay to include playtimes in our spacious "living room" with cat trees and scratching posts. We have an assortment of cat toys and treats to entertain and amuse your kitty during there stay with us. Our Cat Care Staff interacts multiple times daily with each cat to assure that your cat feels loved and appreciated.

We utilize Feliway comfort diffusers, "Music for the Cat", fresh air exchanges to create a calm, inviting and relaxing atmosphere for all cats staying with us.

Standard accommodations include a private enclosure with elevated resting platforms, cat beds and adjoining area for her litter box. Upgrade to a triple or quad configuration for a single kitty or multiple cats in one household.

Our Themed View Suites (Mexico, Garden View, Fun Ship and Africa) can be configured for one to four cats an include lager elevated sleeping areas and view windows.

Cat Boarding Rates

Charges are for each calendar day, or part of a day that your pet is boarded.  

Deluxe Double Room $16
Deluxe Triple Room $22
Deluxe Quad Room $30
Luxury Cat Suites $30
Additional Cat Sharing Same Room $10

Cat Resort Activity Options

• Feline Fun package: Two playtimes in our open Living Room area,  daily treat and activity toy $14 
• VIP, Brush ’N Love Cuddle: 20 min session in Living Room $8 per session            
*boarding together in the same room $5 
• Senior cat package: Soft, low impact brushing, organic backed chicken treat, 20 minutes of free exercise in Living Room $ 10.00 per session
• Suite-est Thing Package: For cats staying in one of our luxury, view suites add playtime, brush and cuddle $10.00 per session.
• Cat Toys: (fuzzy mouse, Jingle Ball, Sparkle Ball) $3  per stay 
• Cat Treat (organic backed Chicken, tuna treat, Temptations Snacky Mouse Toy, Freeze dried chicken, shrimp or chicken, catnip) $2 per day

SUITES ARE BY APPOINTMENT. DEPOSIT REQUIRED. *Additional cats boarding in the same room $10 each

Courtesy checkout is offered Monday - Friday before 10:00am

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Vaccinations Required
FVRCP and Rabies
• Vaccinations should be completed two weeks prior to your visit.
• Exemptions from your veterinarian will be honored.

Boarding Information
• All pets must come in flea free, if evidence of fleas found on pet within 24 hours of entering hotel, the condition will be remedied at the owners’ expense. We cannot guarantee a flea free environment.
• Pre-existing conditions may get worse during boarding and cause your pet discomfort. If your pet is on medication, please bring them in the original containers; we will administer the medication to your pet at a nominal fee.
• Our house diet for cats is IAMS dry & Friskies wet at night.
• We welcome pets to bring diets from home. This will ensure consistency so your pet receives the same amount for each feeding as fed at home.
• We provide ample clean bedding, cat box, and litter. We cannot be responsible for loss or damage of personal items brought from home.

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Transporting Your Cat

We suggest that you keep your pet carrier out days or weeks before your trip, even taking the carrier apart and feeding your kitty in close proximity may help her feel more comfortable. We also suggest using calming spray such as Feliway spray on a towel in the carrier.

Other Services:  

• Medication $2 (per dose and per medication)
• Cats that require Special Handling may incur additional fee.
• Holiday meals and Parties

Our office is closed on most legal holidays. Deposits or payment in advance may be required at any time for boarding. Cancellation fees are charged during peak times. Holiday rates may apply.

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