Pet Activities

At Holiday Pet Hotel, our staff is fully aware of what it takes to properly care for your pet. We offer many activities to keep your pet busy and this includes interactive play, group play, running around, entertaining exercise, and more. No matter what, your pet will not be locked in a room all day; they'll receive the love, attention and playtime they require.


Resort Activity Options K-9:
K-9 Camp - $20

     1 - 2 hours Group Play AM & PM
K-9 Fun Package  - $14
     1 Individual or Group Play in AM & PM & a treat 
K9 Comfort Package - $20
     1 Individual Play in the AM and one orthopedic walk in PM and Plush Bedding
Group Play (30 - 45 min) - $8
VIP Or Cuddle Time (15 - 20 min) - $8
GROUP or VIP for 2nd pet - $5
        *boarding together in the same room


Resort Activity Options Cat:
Feline fun package - $14
     Two Playtime's, activity toy and teat
VIP, Brush 'N Love Cuddle time (20 min) - $8
     *boarding together in same room - $5
Scratch Pads - $6
Tuna Treat - $3

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